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European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis

When we started the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis at the end of 2011 we focused on the implementation of the labelling scheme that was developed under the European Cluster Excellence Initiative. The scheme is a huge success – more than 950 cluster organisations from more than 40 countries have yet participated in a Bronze, Silver or Gold Label audit. A huge success also because of a huge and committed network of experts all across Europe, who are eager to help cluster management organisations with professional advice. We are sure that this success will continue in the future. We are very happy that the European Commission decided to provide assistance for the further development of the labelling scheme in order to adapt it to a changing economic and political framework under which cluster organisations have to operate today: increased internationalisation and smart specialisation are just two out of many other terms that capture the new developments. Soon we will communicate what we will do together with committed and experienced stakeholders to take the existing labelling scheme to the next level. This is only one new development.

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